Week 1 Assignment – Ac573

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Week 1 Assignment – AC573

Trusted Criminals Text

#5. Identify the principal agents who expose white collar crime in contemporary society. What factors motivate people to expose such crime, and what factors inhibit them from doing so? What specific policy measures can be adopted to encourage exposure of white collar crime?

White collar crime, as a rule, is less visible than conventional crime. A white collar crime, by definition, is a non-violent act involving deception, typically committed by a business person or public official.
A criminologist blames economic recession and complex financial system as major reasons for the rising white collar crimes in the U.S.
“In huge numbers of cases, people are not aware that they …show more content…

Employees need to know that their ethical or unethical choices will have a direct impact on the success or failure of the company.
In addition, training should also be tailored to specific positions in the company and employees roles. Management may need additional training to help deal with employee issues, while someone in purchasing may need more training on gifting policies and someone in finance needs to understand the company’s position on fraud.

3. Regular Communications

Once the policy has been executed and training has started, communicating aspects about the code of conduct can have a significant impact on the ethical culture. Many of these communications come through the human resources department, but the voice of the executive management team is critical in these communications.

The goal of communications is to make ethics a live, ongoing conversation. If ethics is something that is constantly addressed, referenced frequently in company meetings, and in personal conversations among managers and employees, then people are more aware and more willing to defend the company’s policies when they see or hear of problems. Employees will hold other employees responsible and accountable for living the company’s values.

4. Anonymous Reporting Hotline

The fact that an

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