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P4) Review factors that have contributed to one declining destination (Cyprus) and one developing (Greece) in the European travel market.
Developing destination: Greece
Greece is also known as Hellenic Republic, the first country in Europe to advance civilization, Greece is one of the most visited country in Europe locate in southern Europe near Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Rep. Macedonia.
Greece is the home of the Olympic Game; Olympic game is popular in Greece, also across the world. People love to travel there because of the sport facilities; in 2004 Greece hosted the EUFA Euro 2004, and people love to go there because of the sport events.
Greece is a country full of culture and tradition. This is Acropolis of Athens built in 6th …show more content…

Greece is a country with the best accessibility that we can compare to other country in west Europe. According to British Airways a fly to Athens costs £65.50 duration of the flight is 3h 40’.
Greece does appeal to everyone mid-class, high-class can visit Greece; it costs less than inbound in the UK according to, Greece is the heart of European civilization, 99.9% believe Greece is a place to visit, and study. Greece is the home of rest with its histories and beautiful weather of Mediterranean, a country which inspired the rest of European country to develop.

Declining destination: Cyprus
There has been a major decline in the travel and tourism sector in Cyprus. A 2.4% overall decrease in arrivals were recorded last month compared to the same month in 2009 and a decrease of 10.2% was recorded in arrivals from the UK for the year – suggesting that Cyprus is beginning to become a less popular holiday destination for the British; one of Cyprus' main markets.
It is though that this decrease is due to a combination of redevelopment of other Mediterranean holiday destinations and increasing trust in budget airlines.
For example, Greece has reported an 8.4% increase in arrivals in 2010 compared to the same period in 2009. Budget airlines such as easy jet and Ryan air also do not fly to Cyprus and have made nearby locations a more attractive offer, which in combination with the credit crunch has significantly impacted peoples buying

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