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Control systems
Control systems deal with the processes and procedures involved in achieving the organizational goals and objectives for daily operations of a company. This topic involves all the operational control systems, thier implementation, and strategic control processes.
Forecasting leverages special tenchniques in analyzing historical data to predict future trends. Forecasting covers the methods and types of forecasting and their application to case studies.
Introduction to Operations management
This concept is the introduction to business practices involved in managing operations. The basic principles, objectives, types of operations management as well as roles and responsibilities of operations management are covered.
Job design
Job design refers to the allocation of work to individuals or a group of employees. Courses on job design detail the organization, management, and development of working conditions to meet operational objectives.
Maintenance and Reliability
Maintenance and reliability refers to the machinary interaction and maintenance strategies with regard to equipment. This topic covers numerical problems in calculation of maintenance, MTBF, MTTR, MTTF systems and equipment reliability.
Manufacturing systems
Courses in manufacturing systems include understanding the processes, practices, and evaluations involved in manufacturing a product.
Production management
Production management covers the management priciples, work activities, and methods involved in the production of a product. Topics covered under production management are job production, batch production, mass production, and recent trends.
Quality management
Quality management encompasses all the activities involved in accomplishing the desired quality level in a product or service. Various topics covered under quality management are quality policy, quality control and assurance, quality improvement, quality tools, design, customer focus, and employee improvement.
Scheduling refers to the processes involved in arranging, controlling, and optimizing the workloads and work activities in a manufacturing or production setup to minimize cost and increase the efficiency of staff and equipment.
Strategies in Operations management
Strategies in operations management generally refer to strategies around customer, product, service, competition, and competencies in operations management. This topic includes types of strategies and their applications.
Supply chain management
Supply chain management studies the supply of goods and services between businesses and from businesses to customers. Various topics covered under supply chain management are demand and supply planning, negotiation techniques, supplier relations, supply chain optimization, analysis and integration.
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