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Business ethics
Business ethics seeks to outline ethical business problems, moral principles, guidelines, standards, marketing decisions and marketer behavior under marketing conditions.
Consumer behaviour
Consumer behavior is the study of individuals, groups, behavior of purchasers, usage of goods and services, and buying behavior. Consumer behaviour covers the major part of consumers psychology, motives, and intentions in purchasing and using or consuming products and services.
E-business covers promotion, selling, digital information and communication for online trading of products and services. The study of e-business helps in understanding the online market place, its growth, and consumer needs on web and web-based applications.
Market research
This concept covers the research activities performed to discover the target market,consumer interest,customer feedback,target audience,market environment,competitors postion and their growth.Market research covers the techniques to develop ,launch and make successful procust and services in the market .
Marketing channels
In marketing, a channel refers to the people, organizations, and the activities from the point of production to the consumption. Major channels include wholesalers, distributors, sales teams, retailers, online and offline marketing, resellers, and hybrid channels.
Marketing decisions
Marketing decisions refers the scope of marketing activities around quality, quantity, color, design, packaging, sales, policy decisions, distribution channels, and development of product or service.
Marketing environment
The marketing environment refers to all the internal and external marketing factors which can influence the decisions related to marketing activities. The marketing environment is often defined by differences in demographics, economics, technology, politics, law, and nature.
Marketing functions
Marketing functions relates to identifying and sourcing products or services to deliver to the marketplace, and to promote through the major functions of marketing such as product management, selling, pricing, marketing information, distribution, promotion, and financing.
Marketing Organization
This concept covers the framework for planning and executing marketing decisions and activities to determine and achieve makreting goals and objectives in an organization. This topic also involves the organizational structure of the formal and informal groups of individuals working on sales planning, policies, and analysis of marketing strategies.
Marketing practices
Marketing practices are the various practices involved in successful marketing of products and services. Topics covered under this concept include setting marketing goals and objectives, defining brand identity, application of new marketing trends and technologies to current market conditions.
Marketing Supply Chain
Marketing supply chains encompass the activities of the chain of suppliers to produce marketing materials such as print, promotional products, and point of sale. This concept has the risk minimization and efficiency maximization techniques in the creation, production, and distribution of marketing materials.
Pricing describes the process of setting a price for products or services, including the factors affecting accuracy, and market value.
Service management
Service management focuses on the value of delivering a service to the customer, particularly around the customer relationship and its continuous improvement
Service marketing
Service marketing encompasses the activities of promoting and showcasing offerings to customers to create value. Various sectors like hospitality, tourism, and professional services use service marketing.
Strategies in marketing
Strategies in marketing refers to all activities and approaches to discover, create, and develop strategies to reach prospective customers.
Types of marketing
Types of marketing defines all the types of activities involved in reaching customers. This topic includes the various categories of marketing and their application.
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