Ict D1 Unit 15

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Introduction To achieve a distinction, I will be exploring the future of the gaming industry on each of the various platforms. Consoles Next Gen It has only been a matter of time since the next gen consoles were released. In 2007 the Xbox360 and the ps3 were announced. Since then we have come a long way. Then the memory pool was 512 MB. But as the years go new things are developed. And thus with the next gen consoles inbound they have their pool of a shocking of 8 GB which allows developers to expand their Imagination and pour it into the game. Consoles have always been very popular. They are one of the reasons gaming really became popular and they have improved a lot over the last few years, in terms of graphics mainly. Oculus Rift …show more content…

Television Televisions through time went from bulky, low resolution models to elegant High Definition (HD), Ultra HD displays. As they got slimmer, the resolution went higher as well, allowing for sharper images when gaming or watching movies and shows. It has been made possible by the addition of more and more pixels to increase the visual quality of the images displayed through it. Audio has improved as well, by being able to connect wireless speakers to the TV for surround sound, through Bluetooth. Handheld consoles I believe that hand held consoles such as the PS Vita and PSP (PlayStation Portable) are decreasing in popularity. In the future I do not think they will increase in popularity. This is because they are expensive considering the hardware they currently use is very limited and not many developers are making games for these platforms, for example, the vita only has four games published this year so far. However, the new Nintendo 3DS has been growing in popularity because popular game franchises like Pokémon and Super Mario keep it alive. Arcade I believe that in the future the arcade industry won’t develop at all. Even though the technology used on arcade machines is not as advanced as the other platforms more popular nowadays and most, if not all of the games played on arcade machines can now be played on other platforms, they are still fun and give the player an experience that they can’t get from

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