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Corporate Finance
Corporate finance covers finance theory, as well as regulation and corporate governance. The goal of a company's finance team is to reduce a company's risk through various risk management techniques, different types of financing requirements and investments.
Cost and Managerial Accounting
Cost and managerial accounting deals with analyzing various types of costs in order to understand the internal operations of a business and aids the managers in making informed decisions related to planning, cost control,and cost management.
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Financial accounting is the process of recording, summarizing, and analyzing financial information to prepare financial statements, and making them available to stakeholders, thereby enabling them to make an informed decision about the company. Financial reporting is an extension of financial accounting that deals with the presentation of financial information in accordance with the requirements of prescribed accounting standards.
Financial Management
Financial Management decides on the efficient procurement and investment of funds for the day to day operations of the business. It aims at profit maximization and the topics include the type of financing and capital budgeting. It was a part of accountancy and has been further developed in to corporate finance, business finance etc.
Financial Markets and Institutions
This area of study examines the operation, function, and regulation of both domestic and foreign financial markets. Use of analytical tools to study financial services and financial statements of these institutions are covered.
This topic explores different types of insurances and plans, their characteristics, benefits, claims, and reimbursements. It covers both personal and corporate medical insurance and their diagnostic and procedural coding.
Personal Finance
Personal finance deals with managing the money, investments, and financial planning of individuals based on earnings and future expected cash flows and requirements.
Real Estate
Real estate explores different types of property, legal aspects of purchasing and owning property, and the different ways of financing these properties. This topic also analyzes the risk and reward of financing and investing in residential and commercial property.
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