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Budget for Money Cares Investment Corporation
Tina Geer
February 8, 2015
Budgeting FINA425-1405B-02
J. Wiley
American Intercontinental University

This paper is about Money Cares Investment Corporation is having some problems with going over budget. First it explains some risks that the company can have if this continues to go on. Then it covers how the company can succeed. Next the paper covers the company’s vulnerable areas and the assets the company has. Then it covers where the business spends most of their money. Finally the paper goes over some ways the budget can be regulated.
Budget for Money Cares Investment Corporation
Money cares budget needs to be adjusted and enforced for all departments within the company. …show more content…

Proper checks and balances should be in place for all preparing or handling the budget, as well as appropriate reporting and authorization mechanism (M.U.S.E., 2013).
Open communication between all the staff to help the finance and management come up with correct budget for the company
Every company has their defaults. Money Cares Investment Corporation is there for their customers but needed a better way of managing the budget. Going over budget for a business can make the company continually go downhill but this company knew something was wrong and wanted help finding out were they were going wrong. The company cannot lack effective control practices and monitoring, if they want to be successful.

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