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EST1 - 310.2.3-08 Creating an Ethics Program for Specialty Sports, Inc. Thank you for joining Specialty Sports, Inc. (the Company). We believe that you have a special contribution to make to our organization, and that you will find your employment with us a rewarding learning experience. We believe that you will feel that your employment with us will be one that is mutually gratifying and beneficial. We think you will find your future at the Company to be full of new opportunities, challenges, learn experience, new friends and become part of a great family. In any organization, it is important to have the written procedures, standard policies, and general rules of behavior to serve as the ground work for a great relationship. …show more content…

The Company asks for your assistance in maintaining a secure and safe work environment for all. The Company’s pledge to provide a safe and healthy work environment bans smoking on Company properties, including but not limited to break areas, bathrooms, and work areas. Employees who smoke will be able to do so only on break and lunch times. They will have to go outside of the Company’s facility in the designated smoking areas on the property. The Company is pledged to providing a work environment that is free from any acts of violence. In upholding this pledge, the Company has established a rule that provides “zero tolerance” for any acts of violence against customers, visitors, employees, or any other person who has contact with employees while performing their duties. The Company’s goal is to have zero work-related illnesses or injuries. However, in order to attain this goal, it will require a team effort involving both the Company and the employees. Only through such a coordinated effort can this safety plan be established and sustained. Policy Against Harassment The Company commits to provide a workplace where all employees can work together productively and comfortably. Each individual has the right to work in a professional environment that prohibits unfair practices and encourages equal opportunity. The Company will not tolerate harassment

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