English101 Week 1 Assignment

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As the semester comes to a close, I find myself contemplating my academic future.

Before taking on the challenge of critical reading, writing, and researching, I would like to

share some thoughts on my progress in English101. During one of her lectures, Professor Sophia Vilceus once said, “midway through, you will feel less motivated but do not let that discourage you” (Vilceus). Those words became evident whenever an essay, such as, cause and effect or compare and contrast became daunting to complete. Additionally, through her inspiration, I was able to stay encouraged, not only in class but also with learning some things about myself as a writer. From the introduction of my cause and effect essay on domestic violence, the proceeding …show more content…

“Although she was not born black, Rachel believed that black is beautiful” and “Indirectly, she was saying that being black is good and structured her life around that belief” (Lathern, Jr.). In addition to revisions and peer reviews, the preceding quotation was generated by brainstorming and writing down notes about the subject. Once organized, I was able to use the information at a point in my paper where it had meaning. Initially, a writer should do an outline before starting any essay. An outline can help to organize his or her main points in order to build an introduction, body and conclusion. This method of pre writing was something that I had never been exposed to prior to receiving an example outline from Professor Vilceus. By studying the example, I went from zero knowledge about an outline to creating ones that made arranging essay material uncomplicated. In addition to my gained ability to do outlines, visiting the writing center was also beneficial whenever I received a writing prompt for the next essay. Tutors in the center were able to assess my thesis statements and let me discuss ideas about what to focus on when writing my

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