English 125 Week 1 Assignment

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Encompassed in this portfolio for the English 125 course are revisions of Project #1, “What Do They Have to Say?”, and Project #3, the research paper. The central reasoning for my decision to revise these essays is due to an interest I hold in their topics. These topics include the hidden dangers of the food industry, such as the mistreatment of animals, as well as the epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States of America. These topics are similar in that they both revolve around food as well as an injustice in the world. When reading through these two essays, I noticed a great deal of structural errors as well as a few grammatical errors that I had not noticed prior. When reading through Project #1, I noticed that I had made a few …show more content…

Some of these errors included repetitive transitions, sentence fragments and general grammar and punctuation errors. After these errors were fixed, I thoroughly read through both of the essays in order to develop a full understanding of what else I need to improve. Following these readings, I fixed any further grammatical errors I may have missed the first time when I revised these essays earlier in the semester. Following this revision, I expanded on a few paragraphs where I felt as though my ideas were not explained well-enough. I expanded a fair amount on my paragraphs in Project #3 as I believe that I had left some ideas unexplained. One of these ideas include how children are the ones who will one day help to shape the future. I also improved on some further transitions that I found could use some refinement. After improving on these transitions, I simplified any overly-complex sentences I may have had in my essays. Throughout the semester, I have had a problem with writing overly-complex sentences. The process of revision has helped in clarifying this aspect of writing for me as well as aspects relating to transitions and sentence fragments. Through the clarification of these aspects, I believe I have grown as a

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