Eng 1101 Unit 3 Paper

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There are 2 things we've recently done that may be confusing to what we're trying to accomplish. 1) MHFA staff who have moved to 1101: They must have their AD accounts/fields completed correctly. They are located at 1101 and thus DBH IT staff now support them (AD/City email/file shares/etc.). Their AD accounts should look similar to any other staff person based at DBH locations 1101 or 701 Market St. 2) Special AD accounts for PMHCC Docsvault users: Several AD accounts for PMHCC users were created for Docsvault access only. These PMHCC employees are still based at PMHCC offices, supported by PMHCC IT staff, and they use PMHCC login/email credentials. The AD accounts we created for them are not intended to replace their PMHCC email or login

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