Bsbwor501 Week 3 Assignment

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I have examined task, tools and technology, knowledge, skills, ability, work activities and work context, interested code, work style and work values for job : 35-2014.00 –Cook and Restaurant, 21-1012.00 –Educational Guidance, School and Vocational Counselors; 27-2022.00-Coaches and Scouts. After reviewing the O.Net results, I will report my talents and lack of desire to do those occupations now, and aspiration to accomplish these positions. Talents for these jobs: First, I will attack job 35-2014.00 –Cook and Restaurant. My computer and ability monitor products, therefore matching the technology and assessing requirements for this position. The strength of my active listener skills will produce feedback, while retaining the information. I’m able to receive information and translated into conversing with an individual or group. Other strengths that I possess are problem sensitivity and arm-hand seediness. My sense to react to a crisis would help me avoid receiving burns in the kitchen. …show more content…

My passed experience will be help is obtained any new technology, as no new technology has been present in my field of coaching. As former athletes, I’m able to understand the Knowledge m therefore having an upper hand in this position, using stop watches and creating workers would be easy. My greatest assets are that ability to commuting with people and monitoring individual success. Those skills are a must according to O.Net. A great example of that would be how I coached tons of athletes to their potential. This was possible do the understanding of the athlete as individual and them understanding my

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