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1 Marketing and Community Engagement in the Arts Dylan Cicarelli Department of Art Education, Florida State University ARE 4932 Introduction to Arts Administration
2 Marketing and Community Engagement in the Arts In this module, we addressed marketing and community engagement. This module explored specific marketing techniques used in arts organizations. It also discussed what community engagement is and how it differentiates from community outreach. The module also explained how art organizations can build relationships that benefit both the community as well as other organizations. In this submission, I will include what I have learned from the Rosewall readings, what surprised me from the readings, how I would create access, diversity, equity, and inclusion with community engagement, and how I will apply this knowledge beyond arts organizations. Application In this module, I would apply what I learned about the need for audience development because with the arts there are many people in the community that do not understand the arts or what different arts organizations do or have. This is why it is important to have audience development and be able to have the audience understand what the arts organization is projecting to the community. I will also apply marketing trends when it comes to purchasing decisions. With arts organizations, it is critical to budget when it comes to purchasing decisions since the budget is funded by donations. It is important for arts organizations to make the best purchases possible to allow them to grow. Therefore, it is important to make smart purchasing decisions rather than rushed purchasing decisions. I will also apply the four P’s of marketing, which are product, price, place, and promotion (Rosewall, 2014). I would apply this when it comes to putting out a production. For instance, if I am running a promotional event at the arts organization. I will make sure to take into account the
3 product I have provided the customers reflects the appropriate price. I will ensure that the place the event is taking place also correlates appropriately with the product and price. For instance, if I have to put on a musical, it would be best to have it in a performing arts center with the appropriate stage, seating, lights, and more. The production quality matters. As for promotion, I will provide discounted tickets to the community such as military, students, elderly, and early ticket sales. The Unexpected The element that surprised me the most was understanding the difference between community engagement versus community outreach. I learned that community outreach focuses on the marketing element, whereas community engagement focuses on relationship building. In addition, community outreach is for the short-term, whereas community engagement is for the long-term. In community engagement, we think about what can A and B do together? On the other hand, community outreach we think about what can A do for B? Further, community outreach is transactional, whereas community engagement is connecting. Prior to this module, I honestly thought community outreach and community engagement were synonymous. ADEI I would create greater access, diversity, equity, and inclusion based upon the community engagement scenario that I submitted. I believe that art organizations and social movements can work together to create greater access, diversity, equity, and inclusion. For instance, I would have two organizations working together, which would include Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and the Black Lives Matters Movement. I would hae Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and the Black Lives Matters Foundation, Inc. collaborate by putting on a dance production with the dances centered around the theme of racial discrimination and the Black Lives Matters
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