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ECE-450 December 10, 2023 Unit Planning 1. What is the value of planning a long-term unit plan verses individual lesson plan? The value of creating long term plans help to map out the areas in which I will be covering from the curriculum and the timeframe in which I will be able to deliver. It also helps me be organized and prepared for the lessons. 2. How do you review state standards and determine when to teach them during a school year? During our pre planning week (week before the new school year) our principal gives us a check list of all the state standards from the district and when it needs to be taught. Once we complete 9 weeks, we mark completion and turn in the form. 3. What is your process for unit planning? I begin with setting my goals and focus on goals and objectives. Next, I make sure that what I am teaching is clear and aligned to meet the needs of my students. These steps are most important to me. 4. How does pre-assessment data drive the instruction in your unit plan? Pre assessments important to me because it gives me an idea about where my students are in their academics. I use this information to incorporate into my lesson plans. If students are struggling with a certain topic, we will do it again, and incorporate a different method to determine if this will improve their results. 5. How do assessment practices drive the success of unit planning?
Assessment practices are central to the curriculum and planning process of teaching. My students will all have the same work, but some will be provided at different levels; it is always important for my students to feel like they are all included in their learning. 6. Can lesson planning be complicated at times? Yes, because it can be tough to plan lessons that keep kids engaged provide them with the learning experiences that lead to their academic success. Reflection During my interview, I have learned many things about the importance of planning unit lessons. The information that was shared with me, that I will be able to utilize it and bring into my future classroom. I have a little ease knowing that I am not alone with finding difficulties with lesson planning, however through continuous effort time and patient I will get the hang of it. Lesson planning play a huge role for not only educators but for students as well because students will be successful academically and teachers can make sure they are staying within the state standards. The teacher informed me that what helps her the most is the checklist that she receives periodically to help her to stay on task. She heavily relies on the support that is provided to her from the administration, and they are there to assist when needed. When Mrs. Jones completed her assessments, she can decide on which state standards are needed to focus on most. When it time to complete the unit planning process she has to go over the school curriculum and what she expected to teach from the state standards. looks over the curriculum the school expects her to teach as well as the state standards. Mrs. Jones is very good with organization , she keep a filing system in which she color coordinates to assist her with the ability to not have to scramble to find lessons and materials. She also coordinates with her to team whereas each teacher
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