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Week 2 Knowledge Check Homework Practice Questions - Results X Attempt 1 of 4 Written Nov 19, 2023 11:10 PM - Nov 20, 2023 12:02 AM Attempt Score 16 /20-80 % Overall Grade (Highest Attempt) 16 /20-80 % Question 1 0/ 1 point Twenty-five randomly selected students were asked the number of movies they watched the previous week. The results are as follows: See Attached Excel for Data. movie data.xlsx Find the sample mean. Round to two decimal places. Use the Excel function to find the Average. 5 % (1.48)
W Hide question 1 feedback use =AVERAGE function in Excel. Question 2 1/ 1 point The population FTES for 2005-2006 through 2010-2011 was given in an updated report. The data are reported here. See Attached Excel for Data. FTES data.xlsx Standard Deviation: 167.0___ « Calculate the standard deviation. Round to one decimal place. Use the Excel function to find the Sample SD. Question 3 1/ 1 point An instructor wants to compare spread (variation) of final grades of students in her online class and face- to-face class. The instructor selects 10 students randomly from each class and the following table shows the final grades of those students. See Attached Excel for Data. final grade data.xlsx The standard deviation of final grades for the face-to-face class is 1190 v Use the information to respond to the following question: (round to 2 decimal places)
Use the Excel function to find the Sample SD w Hide question 3 feedback use =STDEV.S function in Excel. Question 4 1/ 1 point To determine if Reiki is an effective method for treating pain, a pilot study was carried out where a certified second-degree Reiki therapist provided treatment on volunteers. Pain was measured using a visual analogue scale (VAS) immediately before and after the Reiki treatment (Olson & Hanson, 1997). Higher numbers mean the patients had more pain. Use the box-and-whiskers plots of the before and after VAS ratings to determine if the Reiki method was effective in reducing pain. Choose the best response from the options below.
[bReiki Pain Treatment PN o 1 After Before Pain Scale o = N w > wn o ~J O > No, since there were outliers for the after treatment measurements. v() Yes, the treatment was effective since all 3 quartiles for the after treatment measurements were ~ smaller than the before treatment measurements. () Yes, since there were outliers for the after treatment measurements. > No, since there were more people in the before treatment measurements that had a higher pain ~ scale. Question 5 0/ 1 point Which of the following statements are false regarding a boxplot? ) The height of the box has no significance. = () The length of the box equals the range of the data.
x () Boxplots can be used to either describe a single variable in a data set or to compare two (or more) ~ variables () The right and left of the box are the third and first quartiles Question 6 1/ 1 point Sixty-five randomly selected car salespersons were asked the number of cars they generally sell in one week. Fourteen people answered that they generally sell three cars; nineteen generally sell four cars; twelve generally sell five cars; nine generally sell six cars; eleven generally sell seven cars. Complete the table. If the answer is a whole number leave whole otherwise, round your answers to one decimal place. Data Relative , Cumulative Value (# Frequency Frequency Frequency lcars) Percent 3 14 ‘(a)% 14 4 ((b) 29.2% ((c) 5 12 18.46% 45 (d) l(e) 13.8% 54 7 11 16.9% 65
(a): 21.5 V(20 %) % (b): (c): _33___ v(20 %) 19 __ v(20 %) (d): 6 v(20 %) (e): 9 v(20 %) w Hide question 6 feedback nineteen generally sell four cars nine generally sell six cars 4/65 =21.5% 14+ 19 = 33 Question 7 1/ 1 point A histogram that has a single peak and looks approximately the same to the left and right of the peak is called:
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