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Jan 9, 2024





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Discussions What are the strengths of this work? Weaknesses? The work holistically examines the pros and cons concerning physician assisted suicide. It also incorporates real life scenarios that may be used to unjustly end one’s life. It provides one with the ability to critically explore the motives of individuals including the likely benefits and harms of helping in dying. However, one major weakness from involves the failure to examine the issue within the different types of ethical perspectives such as utilitarian, deontology, and virtue ethics among others. These perspectives are vital in offering a comprehensive and precise ways of examining the morality of the act in discussion. What would you work on more if you had additional time? I would work on critical examining physician assisted suicide within the context of medicine. Doing so relies on the common knowledge that medicine entails the art of relieving suffering, healing, and prolonging life. Such a debate in medicine may be based on the roles and responsibilities of physicians including the autonomy of the patients specifically during the end of life in the event of the latter suffering. What do you know about this form of writing that you did not know at the beginning of the semester? The quality of work changes from one topic to the other. It is not enough to comprehend course materials and be confident of having grasped the issues under examination. Extensive research and seriously engaging in new ideas through analyzing them, reflecting on them,
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