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Phil 125 Module 2 Assignment Passage: 1 & 2
Passage 1 1) Argument 1: - Premise 1: A high school teacher once told my class that, if a police state ever arose in America, it would happen because we freely handed away our civil rights in exchange for what we perceived would be security from the government. - Premise 2: For almost thirty years, we’ve seen increasing tolerance, legally and socially of drug use. - Conclusion: The end of America can potentially occur due to the current drug crisis and its proposed solution especially the idea of taking away property when drug traces are discovered. Argument 2: - Premise: The proposed solution to combat the drug issues comprises methods such as urine tests and confiscation of properties. - Conclusion: Enforcing policies such as urine tests and the confiscation of property will lead to the end of America. 2) Informal Fallacies - Slippery Slope: The slippery slope fallacy is seen when an action or event causes a series of more unfavorable consequences, without any proof to prove this correlation. Within the passage, the slippery slope fallacy can be depicted when the teacher attempted to link the idea of property confiscation in response to the drug problems to the end of America. There is insufficient evidence to prove a link between the proposed solution to combat drug problems in America and the end of America. - False Analogy: The false analogy fallacy is seen when the comparison of two concepts are invalid as they are both incredibly irrelevant or different from each other. Within the passage, the false analogy fallacy can be depicted
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