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Page | 1 RSM 434 W2024 Video Assignment 2 Cross-listed Arbitrage via Algorithm Utilizing the Communicado platform, you will answer the question listed below. Information about the Communicado platform, best practices for video assignments, and a guide for interpreting your video feedback are in the Communicado module on Quercus. The deadline to submit your video is 11:59pm on Friday, Feb 9 th . The video is worth 5 marks and a deduction of 1 mark will be applied for each 24-hour period a video is submitted after the due time/day. If you have not yet activated your Communicado account, or have forgotten your password, you can regain access by clicking the “Did you forget your password?” button on the Sign In screen ( ). Google Chrome is the recommended browser to access Communicado, but Firefox and Edge will also work. When you are ready to start your video quiz, you will have a total of 15 minutes to complete and submit your video . Your video is a maximum of 90 seconds long . You may record up to 3 (three) videos and choose which of your videos to submit. The goal of the video is to make your point clearly, coherently, and succinctly. Review the rubric for the video assignment. In terms of content, it is important to prioritize display of understanding, not volume of information. For Presentation/Communication, it is important to emphasize how well you deliver your content. You should focus on making one or two points really well, instead of shallowly talking about many things (depth is valued over breadth). Video Assignment 2 covers your experience trading the ALGO1 case. ALGO1 Video Assignment Question: In the context of ALGO1 where you take an arbitrage trade, explain why it may not be a completely pure (riskless) arbitrage, and how the risk(s) can be mitigated/managed better.