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MISY 5350 ERP E-Commerce Assignment 1 Review the section on Personalization/Customization on Page 20 of your textbook to determine the techniques used for these functions. Once you are familiar with how it’s done: 1. Find two websites that employ interactive techniques for consumers to customize personalized product (the product can be digital or physical). List the websites and their URLs in your answer document. Amazon Castco 2. On one of these websites, create your own personalized products (based on contents, functions, appearances, etc.). Submit a screenshot of the finished personalized product.
3. How and where do the websites implement the customization functions? Answer using at least 100 words. Cite any sources. Costco is a wholesale online platform in the USA. This website lets customers customize the product at each step. For example, I select a laptop with customization online tools. It lets customers get personalized products for current buyers and potential buyers. I started with the price range and ended with delivery methods. I customize my laptop to my affordability price. Then I selected the desirable brand which is Lenovo. I like to have a backlit keyboard on my laptop, this option is available for customization. I also need an NVIDIA graphics card for better color. I customized my laptop to my desired demand. up&features=backlit-keyboard+bluetooth-51&graphic-card=nvidia-geforce-rtx-3050&memory-(ram)=32- gb&price=1000-2000&screen-size=145-in&ssd-size=1-tb&refine=%7C %7Citem_location_pricing_salePrice-1000%2Bto%2B2000%7C%7CDelivery_Type_attr-Warehouse %2BPick-up%7C%7CBrand_attr-Lenovo%7C%7CFeatures_attr-Backlit%2BKeyboard%7C %7CFeatures_attr-Bluetooth%2B5.1%7C%7CSSD_Size_attr-1%2BTB%7C%7CMemory__RAM__attr- 32%2BGB%7C%7CScreen_Size_attr-14.5%2Bin.||Graphic_Card_attr-NVIDIA%2BGeForce%2BRTX %2B3050
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