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1 Challenges to Professional Mediation Constance N. Barnes Department of Human and Social Services, Walden University Intro to Dynamics of Conflict Dr. Moran October 29, 2023
2 Briefly introduce your professional area (either current or future). In what ways does your profession encourage skills and traits that are compatible with mediation? Currently, I work at a Mental Health & Behavioral Services practice. Our practice concentrates on treating individuals, couples, and families. We offer services by licensed clinicians, including psychologists and clinicians with a master's degree. We also offer services by provisionally licensed psychologists, students working on their practicum, and pre-doctoral interns. Each clinician is licensed in more than one area of expertise, which provides each of them with exceptional expert knowledge and skill that is dedicated to client care. We utilize a comprehensive team approach through peer discussion or clinical case evaluations. During these times, team associates and freelancers converse on best supporting their clients. This consultation guarantees that clients receive the most significant advantage of working with clinicians who are exceedingly proficient in different areas, which helps to deliver multiple viewpoints and treatment methods to their clients. Our practice encourages skills and traits by assisting clients in numerous ways. For example, life is not always calm; sometimes, even the most challenging individuals require help working through the more challenging problems. Everyone has conflicts and battles requiring the assistance of a third party. Someone who can look from the outside to help heal the inside. This is a skill and trait utilized in our practice but also utilized in a successful mediation. Another example is the role of hesitation; many people hesitate to enroll in counseling or mediation services out of fear. Individuals might be hesitant to pursue assistance and care for private matters, causing them to enter the situation with caution and not being open. Being able to build rapport with individuals is not only beneficial in our practice but is also beneficial in
3 mediation. It allows the individuals to feel confident they are taking the necessary steps towards attaining a better place and being a better version of themselves without conflict. In what ways are the predominant skills and traits of your profession incompatible with mediation? While my current profession offers some ways in which the predominant skills and traits needed are compatible with mediation, there are many more ways in which those skills and traits are incompatible with mediation. Mental health professionals take deep dives into the historical, relational, and emotional issues of individuals and couples. They explore profound personal matters, pathologies, domestic backgrounds, and treatment. Mental health professionals aim to use diagnostic skills to provide a framework for individuals and couples and assist them in understanding their past behavior. In the realm of couples, one or both individuals suffering from marital conflict enter therapy, usually reluctantly. They often feel that someone is wrong with one or both of them and needs to be fixed. They utilize the treatment as an opportunity to place blame and look for the professional to referee and resolve the conflict in the relationship. However, with mediation, the main goal is usually to save the marriage. Mediation is a conflict resolution process for couples and individuals with a blocked way of resolving conflict and negotiating. The marital arbitrator works with the individuals and couples to assist them in the resolution of unending specific disputes and damaging recurring exchanges that are prohibiting their marriage from progression. Emphasis is placed on the present, examining the communication style and providing training on how to have a fruitful style of compromise and conflict resolution in the future. What are the ethical implications or barriers to providing a continuum of service (keeping in mind the ethical codes for your chosen profession)?
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