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RUNNING HEAD TITLE M5 Amazon Marketing Project Addison RaschPremo MKT1110-A1 M5 Project
Amazon Project 2 M5 Project: Amazon How does Amazon Brand their product or service. Amazon is seen everywhere every day. Amazon has ads along with their trucks and added planes as well. Amazons packing is also everywhere, there are thousands of packages being delivered from there. Along with their own products “Amazon Basics” and with that Amazon companies frequently produce low-cost goods that are identical to name-brand best-sellers on the website. Amazon claims to have high-quality items and offers some of the best rates on the internet for them. Even on Amazons website pretty much says it themselves within having a brand with them to help advertise a product. “By creating an engaging brand presence on Amazon, you can reach customers where they're already shopping and looking for inspiration for their next purchase.” (Amazon). Amazons Packaging The packaging that Amazon provides is known and they do it in a simple way. Their logo is on their boxes and trucks/delivery vehicles. Amazon also ships through other services such as USPS and UPS. Having the logo on all of Amazon orders make it wide spread to be known. Most of what Amazon does to protect the products that are being shipped is what they do to protect what’s in their products. Amazon or the other company will put what is needed to protect them against possible harm that can come from handling, loading, unloading, and different forms of transportation, such as impact, vibration, compression, or dampness. But there is usually another package underneath the Amazon package that’s being delivered. Those packages are also important. They not only represent their own company but could also represent Amazon in a way. If the inside package is damaged that could also represent both companies in a bad way.
Amazon Project 3 How does PDLC impact Amazons marketing mix Amazon sellers concentrate their marketing efforts on knowing what customers want and setting their product apart from the competition at each phase of the product life cycle. Through its marketing mix, which consists of several techniques and approaches depending on the type of product, markets and market categories, and competitors, Amazon focuses on the market it is targeting. The life cycle of a product constantly encounters business obstacles. You could have to deal with issues including shifting in consumer demands, decreasing demand, and the appearance of competitors as an Amazon seller. There exist alternative strategies for sellers to get past these challenges. In order to increase demand and maintain their competitiveness, retailers might also run promotions and discounts. Because technology is always changing, Amazon merchants may face difficulties. In order to stay up to date with the current technological advancements, sellers might need to improve your systems and procedures. Remaining ahead of your rivals is essential for success. Sellers might run into issues like pricing wars, knockoff goods, and bad reviews. Sellers may overcome these obstacles by separating their items with higher quality and distinctive features. Additionally, sellers may keep an eye on the rates of their rivals and modify their own pricing plans appropriately. There are four phases in the Amazon product life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Low revenues and significant marketing expenses define the Introduction stage. Growing sales and earnings identify the Growth stage. Sales begin to level off as competition heats up during the maturity period. Sales begin to fall during the decline stage, and the product is finally discontinued. Concern for Amazons product costs Amazon could receive a decline on a 3 rd party sellers item depending what it is, the Colorado district court said this about Amazon “These online marketplaces allow third party sellers to sell a
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