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3.2 Methods 3.2.1 Feed Stock Processing.
Three selected grasses (elephant grass, carpet grass and moss grass) was harvested within U.S.T premises, the grasses was washed and dried at room temperature.

Crushed fresh stems of the grasses was weighed, 100g of each of the grasses (elephant grass, carpet grass, and moss grass) respectively, was keep ready for acid hydrolysis to be carried out with different acids concentrations, hydrolysis time, and temperature was recorded.

3.2.2 Acid Hydrolysis of Grasses
100g of the selected grasses was grinded, and added 150ml of the prepared Molar concentration of acids (H2So4, HCL, HNo3 )e.g (0.5%, 1%, 2%, 4%, 8%), the mixture was stirred for 1-2 hours for proper hydrolysis, the solution was heated to 70oc for 15 mines and were stirred continuously to allow uniform temperature by attaching a temperature control system (thermocouple set) the hydrolyses was allowed to cool to 300C before neutralized to PH of 6-7 with a known 0.5 Mole solution of sodium hydroxide. …show more content…

3.2.3 Preparation, and sterilization of growth media, Semisynthetic media was prepared using the following 2g of potassium chloride, 0.5g Magnesium Sulphate, 0.2g iron II Sulphate, and 0.5 yeast extract, all were dissolved in one liter of distilled water in a conical flask. The solution was place into an autoclave at temperature of 1210c for 15mins and pressure of 15 pria to destroy any impurity that might inhibit the micro-organism in the system and allowed to cool to

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